Glasshouses > Cages


Been away in the country all weekend getting my folk on with the fam, but right back at it now.


BBC News ran an article about a chimp in Stockholm who has been seen to hoard rocks to throw at the zoo visitors.

‘Santino’, who lives in the Furuvik Zoo in Sweden would gather rocks and projectiles (including pieces of his enclosure) during the non-viewing hours in a calm and relaxed state, and then when visitors were watching, he’d get his Sandy Koufax on.


The key scientific import of this is that Santino is capable of planning ahead, and preparing for future mental states, basically, he is pretty chilled when he’s collecting the ammunition, but he does so knowing that he is gonna get mad when lots of Swedes come and stare at him… and he’s been doing it for years apparently, with zoo staff saying that they had been removing the objects to protect visitors.

I don’t know how this theory ties in with the other angry monkey of a few weeks ago, but i’m starting to appreciate that even if you’re a chimpanzee, being locked in a cage or dressed up and treated like a child isn’t much fun… particularly with Swedes watching.




2 Responses to “Glasshouses > Cages”

  1. Broke Says:

    Damn homie, you’re on point. I was minutes away from posting on this rock-slinging monkey myself. Oh well, guess it’s a Watchmen post instead.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    haha, it was that or a post about a swedish gigolo… which reminds me…
    haven’t seen watchmen yet, heard mixed reports, post up mayne.

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