Real bloggers don’t have time to blog!


Nah not really, I’m just trying to make excuses for being lazy and never posting. Due to my prolonged absence from the blog I feel like I need to re-introduce myself to our readers. Also in the sometime faceless world of blogging I thought it might be nice to put a face to the name, coz I know when you read my post’s you picture a 9ft tall Mathew Fox lookin dude wearing a mink covered mink coat, nah, I’m a bit more humble than that. Anyway here’s some old family snaps from the archives for ya’ll to get a better idea on who I be.

World, meet the Dilla’s…


First off the bat, Pa Dilla, not quite focusing on his game but raking up them stats no doubt. Also peep the classic sneaker lineup on the left. Adidas, Con’s, Nike. Nice


You cant see the logo but that’s a Ninja Turtles hat, combined with Batman shoes and a tool belt, man I had the freshest fuckin kicks, this is what I wear when I’m cutting a piece of wood in half imagine how I be stuntin in the playground.


Lil snot nose Dilla, Con’s one or two sizes too big but fresh none the less, word to my turtle on a string toy. R.I.P


Diggin’ some holes with Sis Dilla. Bathmat for a nappy, Chea!


That’s me on the left and either my cousin, the kid next door or that kid from The Shining. REDRUM!


Here we have the very young Dilla siblings on some first day of school shit, No one in the playground had swagger like us! I mean who the fuck else was wearing an all blue Mickey and Miney® tracksuit with black stunners? Huh? I look like I should be on the cover of a Ironman by Ghostface. f f fresh.


Great grand Dilla puffin a stogie with wifey in hand, I actually inherited the elastic sleeve clips he’s wearing in this photo, sic.


My sis fuckin the book  shelf up.


Great grandma Dilla (center) on some wild cowboy shit, she may have been a bushranger or just into horses, not sure?

pa-2Grand Dilla (center) flanked by his brothers, also his prize winning fighters.

dillaA more recent pic of me, still pimpin.

new-fjLast but not least, old earth. This is the only photo I could find of Ma Dilla. Just chillin’ in her first whip, an FJ Holden she bought for $100, don’t think it lasted very long. Get what ya pay for I spose.


7 Responses to “Real bloggers don’t have time to blog!”

  1. bigdubbs Says:

    the whole family stays winning.
    that shot of Pa Dilla on court is mad, it looks like you… if you had long hair and any athletic ability whatsoever.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    also feelin’ the ras kass reference:

    “White wife-beater, bubble gums soul on my white NIKE Jeter’s
    I don’t like Peter, got mink covered mink, how stupid is that?
    It’s about as stupid sniffing coke and hustling crack nigga.”

  3. tubswaller Says:

    Gotta respect Great GranDilla – Frontier Woman.

  4. Drab Says:

    damn thats some quality genes ya got there

  5. NewYork'sAGoGo Says:

    that’s not a gene pool. that’s a gene puddle, a gene leak, a gene toilet bowl.

    just kidding paz. your family kicks it old style.

  6. Ming The Merciless Says:

    I think maybe tooltime is my personal fave…

  7. pdilla Says:

    also word out to brad for the sic photo of me at the crib

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