It’s getting hot in hurrr…



Melbourne circa 1950… or the ’09 “smoke-haze” effect.

Trying to cop the new Suite for Ma Dukes wax, over at Stonesthrow just now, having technical difficulties… i hope its not my credit card.

In the meanwhile, did everyone else get an sms from the fire authority? This shit just got professional, although i thought it was only a Telstra specific thing, maybe they’re trying to woo me after i ditched ’em for 3 mobile. For those that didn’t get the heads up –

Msg from Vic Police:

Extreme weather in Vic expected Mon night & Tues.

High wind & fire risk.

Listen to local ABC Radio for emergency updates.

Do not reply to this.


4 Responses to “It’s getting hot in hurrr…”

  1. Skylight Says:

    that’s funny, i just bought it off stones throw 10 mins ago.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    all’s well. copped the suite and mr.chop “lightworks” on wax. had me worried for a second tho.

  3. Broke Says:

    Yeah dude, I copped that message. And I need a copy of the suite. Gotta get back on my digging and blogging game, working too much to write, not enough to dig. Bummer all round. But i’ll be back on my grizzly soon enough.
    BTW, if you missed it, we shouted y’all out on the Empire today, gave props for putting me onto Mayer Hawthorne.

  4. bigdubbs Says:

    i think the whole Stones Throw site was just down for a bit, i know what you mean tho, i just don’t have the cash for wax often these days.
    excellent work on the shouts dude, appreciate it.

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