Got wood?



so much wrinkled skin slapping together…

So, my man Chris slung me a link about this the other day, although why he’s up on his wife swapping adventure holidays i don’t know.

Apparently, the White COCKatoo Resort in far north Queensland is hosting a 250 person, month long swingers party… yep, a whole month of swapping partners with couples from interstate and around the world. Apparently swingers parties are recession proof, coz all that viagra can’t be cheap.

The White COCKatoo Resort was in the headlines last time after locals complained about a couple getting their “breakfast sex” on, out in the open on their balcony, while 6 others were evicted after having a “gangbang” in their chalet… apparently the maid didn’t see the “do not disturb” sign, and got a little more than she bargained for… You know, even as i’m writing this i’m wondering why…

On the other hand, Swingers is a sic movie, Vince Vaughn was gold in his pre make-shitty-comedies-for-lots-of-money days.


You’re so money baby.

and then there was the motorboat…


One Response to “Got wood?”

  1. Henry Says:

    he he he he

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