Who wants to be a Milliner?


I didn’t watch the Oscars, frankly, i find it all  a little self serving and indulgent, plus they rarely get it right.

This time round, Slum Dog Millionaire took a bunch of statues, good for Danny Boyle and the team, it was a solid film, and i’ll always have a soft spot for Bollywood dance routines after a 10 hour flight across India with nothing but re-runs of Chupke Chupke and Socha Na Tha for company. Although there are these…

Anyway, i’m not going to review it or anything, as usual i’m just going to assume you can’t use YouTube yourself… here’s some clips.

Bringing primary school back to the red carpet.

Ben Stiller kinda stopped being funny a while back, but this is gold… If you haven’t seen the original check here.

Hugh Jackman does it for the ladies, apparently there was a 13% increase in female viewers this year, and as usual Beyonce’s hips do it for me.

A.R Rahman is a beast of a composer, but why the fk is Alicia Keys bowing?

We knew it would happen, but nice to see Heath get a little golden dude… was Angelina crying?


One Response to “Who wants to be a Milliner?”

  1. Drab Says:

    that ben stiller spot was genius ha ha ha

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