Another child star gone wrong…


I’m a little late, and yes i appreciate that Chimpanzees are not strictly actors… but is it wrong to feel worse for Travis in all this?

“He looked at me like, ‘Mom, what did you do?”

“He couldn’t have been more my son than if I gave birth to him”…unless he was, um, human?

Yeah, this shit’s pretty intense… Yet I’m curious as to why everyone is amazed that a 90kg Chimpanzee, native to the Congo and Central Africa (not Connecticut) who had been made to promote shitty US products wearing a dress for years, then kept in a house and fed Italian food and wine, and occasionally had his tea spiked with Xanax would suddenly snap… hmmm…


One Response to “Another child star gone wrong…”

  1. Glasshouses > Cages « North of the River Says:

    […] don’t know how this theory ties in with the other angry monkey of a few weeks ago, but i’m starting to appreciate that even if you’re a chimpanzee, […]

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