Full of what sound like Duplicity samples, and some sublime Billie cuts, Blu has dropped his latest EP:


While i’ve been going back a lot lately and listening to some classic rap, Blu is easily one of my favourite ‘contemporary’ MCs doing it. He was one of XXL’s Freshman of 09, and so far he and Wale are the two picks for me, although i did like that BoB track last year, and according to Dallas, Asher Roth is down with Heltah Skeltah, so props to the white boy. Also, its painfully clear that Broke and  PMM from the ‘Trim are massive Charles Hamilton stans, as witnessed by their reference to him and Bob Dylan in the same breath on Eclectical Empire today.

I’ve been bumping the lead single Amnesia pretty hard, as well as crankin’ the sheeeeeeeeet out of Real Music for Hustlers (L’s created a monster!) while writing legal essays in the kitchen… coz i’m street like that.

Check Blu’s MySpace, and if you haven’t heard the classic that is Below the Heavens, slap yourself, then get on it.


2 Responses to “HerFavouriteColo(u)r”

  1. bigdubbs Says:

    links anyone?

  2. Broke Says:

    Thanks for the props homie.
    I’m feeling Blu, most definately a talent to watch. Wale was a little bit of a let down at Good vibes, but I was maaaad high at the time.
    I’ll take the “CH stan” moniker for the time being, at least until he bugs out like Kanye, then i’ll distance myself.

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