“The truth is rarely pure and never simple…”


I’ve been getting a laugh out of this spot for a little while now. Its reached overkill status, mind you, they’ve been crankin’ it during the cricket. Anyway, it breaks down into 3 nice moments, all revolving around the boiler-plate fat delivery truck driver.

– When he initially gets out of the truck he winks at the scantily clad lady next to him.

– While they’re loading his truck with the beer, he drops the old sneak peek up her toga.

– Finally, the pimp move of opening a fresh beer with a dove, and handing it to some chump.

So, as entertaining as its been, seeing it again tonight, Dilla and i were discussing how it just seems a little, well, massively racist. It feels like something i must have read about in high school or something; all the aryan references, the white/pure imagery, even the ‘alps’ in the background. Do i spy a short mustachioed sociopath in the back there?

I’m pretty sure we’re not just imagining this, but can anyone see a black person in this happy corner of the Pure Blonde world? Asian or South American heritage? Hell, i even have issues with the insinuation that there’s a place ‘much more pure’ than mine… and i’m renting.

Still and all, i could be wrong…

Besides, its pretty superfluous, since the beer tastes like shit.

Ed. note:

Drab might have a point, maybe i’m imagining things, so i investigated (read. googled a few names) and found a couple of options…


Apparently the only two quasi-racial beer names i could find are South American, the land of dancing, cumbia music (which Lewis seems determined to champion as “the next big thing”), asado, and vast amounts of cocaine latin broads… which works for me.

Not sure what Xangu means, if you speak Portugese, let me know.


On the other hand, this is the ‘black model’, no overt black/white action (aside from the name), but Aztec advertising aplenty.

Luckily, it’s dark, sweet and has an exceptional aftertaste, leaving the palate refreshed yet invigorated.

If you’re appalled at my shoddy research standards, by all means help me out.


3 Responses to ““The truth is rarely pure and never simple…””

  1. Tubswaller Says:

    I’m pretty sure the chap recieving the beer from the truckie would want to slap the man given that he lives by a pond made of the very beer… pretty crap gift really

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    also, imagine how tasty those fish would be… beer battered on a whole new level.

  3. Drab Says:

    The beer is called ‘pure blonde’ mate…

    Im sure if it was called pure black there would be pictures of beautiful asian people in some sort of dream like setting drinking tea and meditating..

    Or maybe not

    Who cares, great ad.

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