Real Music for Hustlers



Chea bitches!

The mighty Scatterblog have gone and done it now, dropping the first compilation of new and unreleased cuts by the entire crew.

From what i’ve heard so far, this is 20+ tracks of goodness, and its only available at the show, so don’t sleep on this one.

A roster of Melbourne’s hypest: our boy Lewis Cancut, Scattermish, Paz, Mu-Gen, Mat Cant, Digital Manges and Slap & Dash.

These guys have been pushin’ their distinctive brand of hype-as-fuck, party music around town for a while now, as well as supporting some of the biggest names in club music (peep the Scottie B stories, and his RRR shoutout to the crew). The launch of Real Music for Hustlers will be even more wild than usual, with the Espy playing host to Edu K (Brazil/Man Recordings/Sweat It Out), Slap & Dash ft Digital Manges (Palms Out Sounds), and all the boys.

Get down to the Espy on the 21st, the (free) show is kicking off at 10pm, there’ll be a bag of free copies, and a chance to meet your favourite Scatterblog DJ!

So even if like Tubs you get down to some old, old, old blues, or like PDilla you fiend for the latest cock-rock, trust when i say this will be dope!

NOTR will be in the building, come give me a hug, lord knows i need some love.


They’ll also be releasing tracks on that independent tip from the blog so keep checking it.

and the new MySpace:


4 Responses to “Real Music for Hustlers”

  1. Broke Says:

    see you there homie, we’ll discuss taking over the blogosphere.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    oh mos def. i’m trying to get out of work for it, otherwise i’m calling in sick.

  3. pdilla Says:

    aah yea! ima get ma drunk on.

  4. HerFavouriteColo(u)r « North of the River Says:

    […] been bumping Amnesia pretty hard today, as well as crankin’ the sheeeeeeeeet out of Real Music for Hustlers while writing legal essays in the kitchen (coz i’m street like […]

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