“I think the apology is more than sufficient…” – John Howard


A year ago, our newly elected PM said sorry on behalf of a nation.

This was a historic day, i’m glad i witnessed it. Of course any day that is special because someone apologises for the comprehensive brutalisation and systematic destruction of a country’s native people is always a little awkward. Still, it should have happened sooner, and i thought the speech was well written and delivered. As it included the phrase “i’m sorry” it was a damn sight better than lil John’s version…

As part of the apology Rudd promised to deliver his ‘report card’ at the start of parliament each year, however due to the bushfires, it’ll probably be a little late… presumably as they try to think of things that have been done post apology.

Here’s the full speech.


2 Responses to ““I think the apology is more than sufficient…” – John Howard”

  1. Broke Says:

    Damn skippy, i’ve been down at Barwon Heads cleaning up Peter Howson’s place after he died, and he was the minister for indigenous affairs (among 600 other things he did).
    Only after reading one of his speeches to parliament did i realise that Indigenous life span at the moment is comparable to the average life span in England…….. in 1890.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    Yeah, thats the truth man. It was a happy moment, then you sorta see everyone stop and think… uh huh and now what?
    Not a whole lot has changed, we still have an appalling record on indigenous treatment.

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