Can’t Stop… Won’t Stop…


This post represents our 100th at North of the River.

Props to all our readers and anyone dropping comments, tell your friends about us, after all there’s only so much p0rn you can surf, or cheap shit you can buy before you need something different from the internet.

We’ve got some serious moves in progress at the moment, we’re modestly aiming for total blog domination of our town, excepting that is the middle aged food/knitting/childcare genre that runs things currently. Stay tuned fam, there’s good things afoot.

To celebrate, here’s a few other important 100’s:


This broad smoked her 170,000th cigarette on her 100th birthday. She claims its never made her ill because she never inhaled… true story.


Big Dee-Dee the 100 year old, 10kg Canadian lobster.

100 is the number of sex-dolls this dude lives with…


While not strictly ‘important’ its kinda funny that this website exists…

top 100 things to do in Sydney

Here i thought it was pretty much limited to, see a bridge, punch a racist bogan, join in Mardi Gras, leave… thats 4.


2 Responses to “Can’t Stop… Won’t Stop…”

  1. Chris Hocking Says:

    Congradulations on your first hundred boys! I’m still trying to catch up on all the past posts, but I must say, everything I’ve read thus far has been extremely entertaining and interesting! Keep up the amazing work, and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help…

    ~ Chris!

  2. Henry Says:

    The bubbly needs to be popped??? Keep the quality blogs coming!!!!!!! Who said smoking was bad for you???? Congrats to you all!

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