“Blam! They’re on us like there’s no tomorrow…” – Barack Obama.



Just a quick drop while we enjoy the cool breeze…

Byron Crawford is a beast of the hip hop blog game, he pipped Robbie to win last year’s annual showdown.

The point of this shameless little plug is that i saw this link on his spot yesterday (via the Boston Phoenix), and its too good not to jack…

Barack Obama is @#$% tired of this @#$%!

No, its not that he’s tired of trying to preach bipartisanship to a gang of backwater hicks (read: the GOP), although he is.

Basically, he did an audiobook version of Dreams from my Father, in which he does impressions… great fkn impressions.

I always knew that proud, sincere and polite exterior hid something more, Obama’s got some street in him.

Bmore Edit via Bol.

In other news, a big RIP to the man Christopher Rios…

Peace to all those who got burned, this sunburnt country of ours is no picnic.


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