Money can’t buy happiness. It can, however, rent it.


Here is my list of the top three things we should do with our $950 Ruddollars. The economically conservative mind of Tubswaller demonstrates a little community thinking and pooling of our resources.

3. This one is a tough managerial choice. We either have to draw straws to decide who fires the government’s proof-reader, or pay for proof-reading lessons for every public servant in Canberra in order to avoid the awkwardness in telling said public servant that he/she is feckless (that’s the word of the day).

Here’s the back-story. The ever-diligent Greens found a typo in the economic stimulus package whereby a $252 million defence housing allocation turns out to be actually $2.42 billion. That’s three extra zeroes that went missing, and probably a fair few disgruntled soldiers that returned home from the middle east to find that their house has disappeared.

2. Build a frighteningly large solar power plant the likes of which this world has never seen.

Solar plant

Every time I try and mock up a design it turns out looking like a space station…

I’ve crunched some numbers, so far world’s best practice is in Abu Dhabi, which cost $350 million, so if 370,000 of us lucky handoutees get together and buy some land, we could do it ourselves. Melbourne would seem an apt place to build it given the current heatwave, but my personal choice would be Woomera. Firstly its ball soup out there as Broke would put it, and there is a useless building melting in the desert that would be perfect to house the mechanics, its got a fence, and that’ll keep the dingoes out.

1. Buy back the public transport system.

I can’t find the exact figures for this one, but I would guess that the great majority of the country would have to fork over their nine-fifty for this little scheme.

It’s pretty self explanatory, Connex can’t get their trains to run on time, Lynn Kosky can’t get the trains to run at all, and Benito Mussolini was executed 64 years ago, so it’s up to us.

If I owned the rail network the first thing I would do was get the city-loop running the right way at the right time of the day.


4 Responses to “Money can’t buy happiness. It can, however, rent it.”

  1. pdilla Says:

    Hey I didn’t’ pay my taxes last year so you might have to spot me that $950 contribution, I’m good for it! You know I am.

  2. miz Says:

    to quote lynn kosky, “it wouldn’t cost us a single extra dollar to take back the public transport system”

  3. What is wrong with this logic? « North of the River Says:

    […] you don’t already know my resolution to this problem, then check it out here… Its not too late […]

  4. Ming The Merciless Says:

    ‘If I owned the rail network the first thing I would do was get the city-loop running the right way at the right time of the day’

    ….so true!

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