Dilla is the G.O.A.T







J.Dilla aka Jay Dee aka James Dewitt Yancee

February 7th 1974 – February 10th 2006



I’ll keep this post short as the internets is jam-packed with Dilla tributes today, and I’ll also leave the more eloquently worded obituaries to someone with some skilled writing abilities (Dubbs stand up!)   


Dilla was the greatest, so good in fact I pride myself on having stolen his name to use as my internet alias, a name I carry with much pride. He influenced me and many more hip hop listeners around the world and will continue to do so for many years to come. His life came to a tragic end in 2006 after his fight against blood disease resulted in cardiac arrest; he died in his Los Angeles home in the presence of family and friends. Dilla not only leaves behind two daughters, a sister and two brothers but legacy that will continue to inspire his listeners as it has done for the entirety of his career.

Happy Birthday Dilla!, sorry you couldn’t be here with us,

Also, I’m not in Melbourne at the moment so enjoy round two of that heat wave suckers!


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