Raise the Scrim.



On the 6th of February 2002, David Letterman introduced a remarkable new segment to his late night program. Will It Float? The basis of the segment is to drop objects into a tank of water and guess if it will either float or sink, hence the name. Assisted graciously by two semi attractive models Nadine (stage left) and Andrea (stage right), flanked also by Anna Jack (Hula Hoop Girl) and Kiva Kahl (Grinder Girl) Dave and his irritating sidekick Paul then predict the objects buoyancy after Alan Kalter humorously announces the evening’s item and its prize.

The first episode’s item was a brick of Velveeta cheese. Paul predicts it will float, Dave predicts it will sink. It sinks.

velveeta_cheeseDave is quoted only a few weeks later saying

“We’ve only done this three times. Nobody on the show really likes it. From your cards and letters and phone calls, we know that you folks at home don’t care for it, either. We’re gonna try it one more time, and if it’s not anything tonight, that’s it. This could be the final episode. Because it’s, it’s just beyond dumb, it’s lame, and it’s just… there’s no point to it, because I think as adults, we all know what floats and what doesn’t float. So the premise is kind of false, anyway. We all kinda can guess within a fairly close percentage what’s gonna float.”

The skit is about to be canceled when Paul notes that,” If you don’t raise the scrim, we don’t get to look at the models”

“That’s the last you’ll ever see of Will It Float? You can tell your grand kids you were here on the night we killed Will It Float?” – Dave Letterman

Will It Float is still running today.

And for anyone just walking in, a scrim is a curtain.

All profits of Will It Float? Go to Dave’s charity, the American Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming.


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