‘Naked chef’ strips for punters


I do believe that this post will fall under P Dilla’s category of ‘8% comical internet claptrap’, although it also falls under Tubswaller’s cheezyest titles.

A group of ladies who organised a hens night at the south-side haunt “The Honey Bar” were left hanging when the stripper they hired decided he didn’t want to perform in the downstairs bar. Now, nobody wants a gaggle of disappointed, horny 30-somethings trashing their restaurant so owner-manager Jasmine Vallas pumped the 22 year old chef with “about seven shots of absynth” and the young chap braved the downstairs bar and did a culinary inspired strip-tease that included a tea-towel, a whisk, mixed spiced nuts, and later on, warm chocolate mud cake (both of which actually appear on their menu, I’ve done my homework, see).

So to Jesse the chef with no scruples – I salute you for getting the job done and maintaining that famous Australian work ethic.

To the stripper that got stage fright – I say, who do you think you are? A stripper that doesn’t want to perform in public? I’m no expert on the subject, but I’m pretty sure I do that particular routine every time I have a shower in the morning. The tips aren’t very good though…

And finally to the hens –  should the marriage fail, next time round get a stripper from the mightier side of the Yarra, at least they will actually get their kit off.


3 Responses to “‘Naked chef’ strips for punters”

  1. What’s Happening? » Blog Archive » Just a Broken Mug (March 2008) | For the Animals Says:

    […] ‘Naked chef’ strips for punters « North of the River […]

  2. tubswaller Says:

    Flippin’ spam! I thought for a minute there that someone actually read our blog…

  3. Henry Says:

    Well I read it and Bravo!!!!! The things we do all liquored up on Absynth, I hope the brave soul received a happy ending!

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