Stupid hot…


So, it’s hot as shit right now. I mean really, 40 °C? Stupid hot.


It’s as hot as that bird’s inner thighs right now…

And you know that when it gets hot, a little bit of crazy comes out in everyone. Serial killer Ivan Milat is no different, except for the fact that he was bat-shit crazy to begin with, so when it’s hot, he’s off the fkn chain.

At some point after eating lunch in his maximum security prison yesterday, the 64 year old serial killer opted to saw his finger off with a plastic knife… Milat has been in the pen sharing showers at Goulburn prison since 1996, after he killed 7 backpackers. Clearly the heat has been getting to him, as Milat has also passed the time by swallowing razor blades and other metal objects, including disposable shavers, stationery staples and a small chain from a pair of nail clippers. Prison boredom is a bitch.

Quote of the day goes to NSW Corrective Services commissioner Ron Woodham for this sagacious bit of wisdom:

“He was going to try and post it, but then of course, when you cut a finger off it does hurt.”

The fact is, its stupidly hot, and that affects everybody, so dont’ let ’em say that Global Warming is an unproven phenomenon, even if Al ‘i live in a 23000 ft mansion, that uses more power in a month than the average american home does in a year’ Gore is kind of a douche, he has a point.

After all, look at Ivan Milat.


(comes with all fingers included)


2 Responses to “Stupid hot…”

  1. Broke Says:

    It’s been Ball Soup all day.
    I need more shorts.
    I wonder who took that photo of Milat… do you think he had a camera with a timer, and had to focus that shit and then run back to the chair, set himself up with his sawed off fully and try to look like he wasn’t out of breath?
    Or was there someone taking that flick, “…a little higher with the 12 Guage Ivan…. maybe try this hat on for the next one. Perfect.”

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