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Hey folks, ongoing apologies for my absence of late, i’m pretty hectic with assignments and school related nonsense.

Anyway, i had to post something, if only to keep my ‘irreverent social commentary’ hand strong. In what’s developing into a bit of a trend, today’s discussion will focus on an Australian overseas.

Harry Nicolaides is an Australian author who’s spent the last 5 months in a Bangkok jail.

Normally at this point i would explain my impatience with people who attempt to enter/leave Thailand with drugs in their bottoms or lizards in their backpacks… or for that matter, overly dramatic (but kinda hot) women with weed in their body-board bags.


i mean shit, you could barely fit a flipper in there…

You see, insensitive or not, the simple fact is that for as long as i can remember, i’ve known how nut-bar crazy the laws are in these countries, and unlike for example, impoverished drug-mules in Colombia, most of these people are in a position to know this too. So why the look of profound surprise when you get caught and charged with years in prison? Although, the relentless media staging of these trials does tend to leave me a bit skeptical.

But back to my man Harry. He just wrote a book… no drugs, no rare butterflies, no lizard in his pants (no Ron Jeremy).


Harry, originally from Melbourne, lived and worked in Thailand as a teacher between ’03 – ’05, and wrote a book called Verisimilitude of which about 50 copies were printed, and less than 10 of these were actually sold, meaning that potentially no-one has read it yet. Except apparently, for the Thai royal censor. Because King Bhumibol Adulyadej is not only the oldest reigning monarch on Earth, he’s apparently also the most sensitive and the lese majeste laws in Thailand mean that any statements defaming, insulting, threatening or obscurely referencing him or his fam can earn you up to 15 years in the big house.


but you don’t get to snuggle with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale.

In this day and age, it seems pretty outrageous that an unsuccessful novel is cause for significant jail time. I mean, i’d rather put Dan Brown in jail for convincing millions of people that they are literary critics because they read Angels and Demons. That’s criminal, what Harry Nicolaides is in jail for, is not. As usual, NOTR hopes Harry is ok, and i sincerely hope the Australian Government puts on some show of getting him extradited… although we’ve all seen how well that works. Finally, I hope that if i ever go to Thailand, i don’t get arrested for this post (after all, compared to Harry’s book, the NOTR readership is relatively huge!)


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