Happy 2009 also from me interneters!

Whilst escaping the stifling heat I stumbled across a gem of a zombie film.

‘Zombie Flesh Eaters‘ aka ‘Zombie’ aka’ Zombi 2: gli Ultimi Zombi’ (to give it its original Italian title?); a self-confessed “Z-Grade Trash Exploitation” horror film in which the most horrible part was the quality of the dubbing.  It was so fantastically entertaining, but one scene stands out that I would like to share with you.

A brief synopsis: A yacht washes up in the Big Apple, no-one on board. A reporter and the daughter of the boat owner decide to investigate and enlist the help of two holiday makers/boat owners, one man with an inexplicably large arsenal, and his wife who evidently finds clothes very conformist, and decides not to wear them more often than not. They head for Matul, the island where the washed up boat was last reported (despite the warnings from locals that it ‘be voodoo cursd mon’), but our topless friend decides to take some underwater happy snaps along the way, when this happens…


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