A little feedback is always nice…



A little while ago, i did a drop about NOTR’s favourite survivor,

“Big” Bill Dusting.

To my surprise Bill spotted it while trawling the internet for high-end porn postman accessories.

Having expressed that we never intended any insult, and wished him well, Bill hit me back, this is what i love about Aussies, we’re always cool breeze.

I dug [the post] because I am a flippant person by nature.  I used to do Gonzo Ozzie Rules footy reports, that insulted, interrogated, interrupted, the paths of the imagination.  If you can find any from the late 90’s in US Aussie Rules, you’ll see we are kindred spirits.”

“We need the sublime and the ridiculous to get through the harsh realities.”

“NEVER question your motives.  I have been accused of 15 minutes of fame egoism, but I’ve been in the news many times before, for an astonishing variety of things.  Some are pre-internet, so you won’t find them.”

“Keep bearing witness as you see it, and if you want to put this somewhere to help people get a perspective of where your head’s at, go for it.”

“PS  Feel free to buy me an enormous amount of beer, and anything else that might be toxic!”


There’ll be a beer waiting…


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