The bicycle thief aka One red bicycle aka R.I.P The Red Terror


Today I can sympathise with Antonio Ricci from Vittorio De Sica’s neorealist classic  The Bicycle Thief.  Last night whilst enjoying a post work ale on High St, some two-bit crack fiend/bike-lock combination guessing idiot savant thought he would avail himself of The Red Terror… That’s right, the very same Red Terror that was the subject of my self-absorbed ravings not two days ago!

bicycle thief

"Eh Papá, why is the people be so much an ass hole?"

The disappointment of losing a bike that I hand-crafted from a hunk of driftwood and a bit of old boot has turned to rage, and inspired me to get my revenge internet-style…

Remember this guy?

"Give me a house you cheap bastards!

"Give me a house you cheap bastards!"

Mr. One Red Paperclip, who managed to trade a paperclip for a house using only the power of the internet (with a little help from his friends at Reuters). Well consider me Mr. One Red Bicycle, same sort of concept the difference being that I just want The Red Terror back… and I’m a spiteful bastard. Spread the word, if you spot a flash red fixed-gear, besaddled by a ‘simple’ looking crack fiend picking at his eyeballs and looking unsure as how to stop his bike, kick him off the thing and bring it back to me, there’s a red paperclip in it for you, and you never know what you can do with one of them.

In loving memory of The Red Terror

September 2008 – December 2008


One Response to “The bicycle thief aka One red bicycle aka R.I.P The Red Terror”

  1. bigdubbs Says:

    ah bro. thats rough, the northcote junkie bike squad strikes again.

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