More 808’s and less Heartbreak aka What’s up with ‘Yeezy? aka Now i can’t afford new shoes…



i know this isn’t the Australian tour poster, but it looks mighty similar…

As some of you know, i was fairly optimistic about Mr. West’s performance tonight, i consider certain tracks off all of his albums must have’s, i was even willing to encourage his devious auto-tune obsession on the grounds of artistic development. (ie. I’d rather listen to him than T-Pain et al.)

But to be frank, in terms of a large-scale production, big budget show, this is easily the worst i can remember.

I’m still reeling from the confusion and discomfort I experienced after leaving the show… midway through an encore rendition of Love Lockdown.

As a result, what follows is likely to be a fairly fragmented, semi-chronological account, of the show that WASN’T the Glow in the Dark Tour.

  • Kanye has a deep fascination with striking 80’s poses while silhouetted in front of a blinding white light, and about a dozen smoke machines…
  • Kanye like’s to talk to the audience… which is great, except that we’re not your friends, and if we were, we’d tell you to stop whingeing about how tough your life is.


ok, so i just wanted an excuse to post this pic.

  • While i can’t specifically relate, i do appreciate the incredibly tough situation he’s going through, but it’s not like people aren’t dealing with similar issues every day, every where on the planet. The difference between the average person grieving and Mr.West grieving, is that i paid $120 in order to hear ‘Yeezy anguish over his failed relationship and recent death of his mother (RIP), and i want my money back.
  • Imagine the feeling you get when a friend corners you, wanting to play you the ‘break-up’ song he’s just written on guitar, dealing with all his sorrows about the girlfriend that jumped ship… and then imagine him on stage with a (very tight) 8 piece band, 30 set lighting show and everything he says comes through auto-tune.


oh  for the College Dropout days…

  • After his warbling 20 minute vocal wig-out session, the crowd (a strong showing, GA sold out, the stands were probably 80% capacity) went from hand-waving, jumping masses to stunned, confused masses… it was uncomfortable realising we were all witness to a man, clearly still dealing with recent upsets, one who should probably not be on stage. He’s always been earnest, but this was something else.
  • Usually in Melbourne we expect to see international acts at the end of a North American and/or European tour, often they are almost finished, and are often tired and starting to show the strain (Thom Yorke at the last Radiohead show) but this is frequently combined with a renewed energy and enjoyment as they prepare for a break, while enjoying the happy climes of the Land of Plenty! There’s no doubt Kanye puts in huge effort, and after a year doing the tour he does, anyone would be exhausted, but seeing a star upset by little things during a performance isn’t acceptable.
  • His un-eveness showed through in his mid-set admission that he had been stressing about the fact that the promoters have billed his Australian tour as the Glow in the Dark Tour, when in fact, it’s absolutely not. It showed when he openly critiscised the keyboardist for not responding to one of his numerous requests to strip it back to the drums (allowing him free reign to vocode the shit out of whatever song he was doing), and when he was telling the front of stage cameraman to stop filming his shoes, as it was ‘getting old’, which, while accurate, was an unusually blatant reaction.


plus, i can look at these all day…

  • Most hilarious, and possibly most disturbing, was his response to an alleged “penny” that someone threw at him during a song. Almost halting the track, he immediately called out the fact that he’d almost been hit, then proceeded to freestyle sing-song a bunch of verses about how could some hater come and mess with “the most hated man on the planet”, why ruin it for everyone else, how if he ever saw him he’d “smack him out”, how it could have hit him in his “pretty ass face”, and finally, completely disregarding the all-ages status of the show, he encouraged the crowd to chant “eat shit and die”.
  • The saving grace for me was the little homie, Nasir Jones. Pulling out a set of classics, across his whole catalogue, he was energetic, charismatic, and entertaining. Backed by a great 5 piece band, including a bass player channeling Rick James, and a diminutive guitarist shredding like a Chinese Slash off to the side, Nas killed it. Shouting out Obama (eliciting some massive cheers from the crowd) and jumping all over the stripped back stage, he really represented the idea of Grown Man business as opposed to Kanye’s Little Boy business [II]. Speaking of which, West was actually referring to himself as Pinocchio, singing about his yearning to be a real boy…


  • What’s up with Rod Laver? I was under the impression that the newish public noise regulations had locked the stadiums up tight, everything had to be over by 11 pm. But The show went on… and on… and on… Which is usually an awesome thing (every Roots show i’ve ever seen), but it was not the case last night. The problem was, that the longer Kanye had, the more self indulgent he became, when you start singing animal noises and screams just to hear what the auto-tune will sound like, its time to leave. On the other hand, if indeed he did choose to play longer, then i salute him for at least attempting to give me my money’s worth, i wonder if he got fined or something for it?
  • So, in summing up… I won’t go to a Kanye show again, I would definately go to a Nas show tho. To all my fitted cap wearing heads on the grass getting high, after leaving the show early, i’m with you. To the screaming little girls behind me all night, you’ll growup someday, just don’t become complacent and accept shows like this, no matter how many strobe lights there are. To the long line of parents waiting in their cars for their kids, haha, unlucky.
  • Finally, to Mr.West, i sincerely hope you get through this, you’re an innovator, and music needs as many as it can get, but get your therapy on your own time, its almost christmas, and now i can’t afford the fresh Rod Laver Lo’s i was gonna cop… thanks to you.


size 12-13… just so you know.

With that, i’m outie 5000 (word to my man Calvin).


4 Responses to “More 808’s and less Heartbreak aka What’s up with ‘Yeezy? aka Now i can’t afford new shoes…”

  1. Henry Says:

    Very funny music review, clearly out done yourself!!!!! and poor Mr.West.
    Was the light show on par to the marvellous Daft Punk???? As someone told me it was going to be….

  2. Jo Says:

    you’ve out done yourself

  3. Jo Says:

    Hi guys, I have tagged you for one of those taggy things if you want to do it. The rules are on my blog.

  4. permanentmindmark Says:

    This is fantastic bro. He does certainly have a deep fascination. I have a disturbing feeling that the image of a troubled Kanye, in a suit equally as tight as his band, slowly waving his hands through his non-existent hair as the wind machine passed over, is one of those thoughts that will flash before me on my death bed and bring a deep sigh of regret.

    It still makes me feel like a gangster every time i hear “wait till i get my money right”.

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