Batman, we need your help….


Hello there interneters, many thanks to bigdubbs and P-Dilla for welcoming my particular brand of nonsense onto the sunny, sunny banks of the North of the River. While I can’t guarantee the quality of wordlyness already on offer, I’m pretty sure the quantity offered by Dilla will be within my reach.

Now to the subject at hand…

Why this man….

robert doyle

…will never fill these shoes.


Thats right folks, the So Dynasty has fallen, and there is a new cowboy in town.  Robert Doyle, what a chap… it looks like he finally managed to win an election, and now he wants to pick up the bat-phone and clean up the streets of Melbourne… Commissioner Gordon style.


Commissioner Doyle has laid down the law in his first press conference, promising that his boys will drive bogans and talentless buskers off the streets of Melbourne-town. Perhaps a rabbit-proof-style fence the length of the mighty Yarra is the key… keep the riff-raff on the South Side.

Batman, if you are reading this… the Commissioner needs your help. Fire up the Batmobile and call boy-wonder Emperor So, Melbourne is depending on you.


5 Responses to “Batman, we need your help….”

  1. bigdubbs Says:

    welcome to the hood tubs. lets hope Doyle’s reign is as impressive and decisive as his last political adventure…

  2. Tom Says:

    Wow, this Tubs Waller is everything P Dilla is not, a dude who actually posts for a start… Does this spell the end for P Dilla on NOTR?!?! So the saying goes, three’s a crowd…

  3. bigdubbs Says:

    ouch… i smell beef.
    could this be the show down of the century?
    probly not…

  4. Jo Says:

    I agree

  5. permanentmindmark Says:

    I dub both John So and his successor Bobby Doyle as enemies of all free thinkers north and south! Both have played or will play leading roles in that pillar of vice and corruption The Melbourne City Council.

    This shadowy organisation has already been involved in such foul injustices as rising transport costs, constant mispronunciation of traditional aboriginal lands, and the grand prix.

    Hit back where it hurts. Park on a busy city street and start to play. Perhaps be a little buzzed while you do it. Just for kicks. When the cops or met cops or mall security guards armed with tazors ask to see your busking permit say, “Nah man be cool. I’m not doing this for money. I just dig doing it.”

    Obviously, though, take what’s offered.

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