Got some free time to waste?


I’m going to preface this whole post by saying that its really just a selection of ‘tube videos… I’m kinda running a one man show at the minute, as the homie P-Dilla isn’t exactly ‘online’.

I promise there’s some goodness coming soon, also, we may have a new kid on the block dropping some knowledge at NOTR in the near future. stay tuned.

no goats were harmed, shit, i think they actually get off on falling over.

this got hyped up waaay too much, but the baby panda is pretty cute.

also, how ghetto is that panda enclosure? thats on some NY grimey shit.

i’ve never really been down with cats, maybe i just never had a good relationship with a pussy…


One Response to “Got some free time to waste?”

  1. tubswaller Says:

    Not a big fan of cats myself, but I have plenty of time for gratuitous pussy jokes though. love your work

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