Who’s lookin out for the kids?


Just to put the randomness of this story in perspective, these are the first images you get if you google:

“drunk 12 year old victoria australia”





It’s true, there’s few things as iconic as a lazy red kangaroo with a super-imposed nondescript beer, but lets get back to the subject.

What the fk is up with a 12 year old girl having skills like that?

Not only did she achieve a certified high score on the breathometer, but shit, she also drove the car, and skipped her Court appearance.

There’s a police dragnet out as we speak blog, for this pre-teen dynamo.

While NOTR by no means condones the activities of this young lady, we do ask that you consider, for a moment, the situation that the hard-working, diligent, Victorian police officer found him/herself in.

COP: Hello ma’m, just a random breath-test. can i see your license and registration please?

12 YEAR OLD GIRL: Oh, where am i? Car’s are funny, can i have a Breezer?

COP: License and registration please?

12 YEAR OLD GIRL: What’s a license, i don’t smoke? Did you hear about Dave and Megan? She’s such a slut.

COP: Can you please step out of the car ma’m?

12 YEAR OLD GIRL: My mum told me not to talk to strangers…


If only the police had invited her to a Facebook party, next to the Village Cinemas at QV, she would have been there for sure…

Drink responsibly friends, and for god sake don’t send your little sister out for booze, she may just ‘jack a car and go on the run… with your booze.


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