Jeff Weiss is better than a Weis Bar…



Whether or not you’ve ever enjoyed the tasty fruit-yoghurty goodness of a Weiss Bar fresh from your local freezer…

If you like well written prose, smoking weed, reggae/hip hop/afro beat/funk/”indie”/rock/shit… music in any real sense, if you appreciate the almost intangible (read: largely fictitious) quality of a well constructed blog-post, then by gosh, you should be reading:

The Passion of the Weiss.

For example, i never knew about the record Bobby Bobylon until now…

(editors note: the above article was actually penned by Sach O, but who’s counting?)

As an unrelated aside, graduate art shows are funny events… free booze however, makes up for many silly people and their ridiculously pompous attitudes. “I’ll kick you off your bike you fucking dog.” now that’s art.


2 Responses to “Jeff Weiss is better than a Weis Bar…”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for the very kind words, now to live up to them. More importantly, thanks for introducing me to the Weis bar. I had only heard of Weiss beer until this point but I never knew the extended clan made snack cakes.

  2. permanentmindmark Says:

    Snack cakes is an expression rarely used.

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