Pour a little out for an Experienced drummer…



RIP Mitch Mitchell.

When approached by Chas Chandler of The Animals to be part of a three piece with Hendrix and Redding, the awesomely named teenager Mitch Mitchell replied… “i’ll give it a crack”.

Thus was the Exerience born. While the obvious focus was on Hendrix, there can be no doubt that Redding’s steady bass work and Mitch Mitchell’s Elvin Jones insprired Jazz drumming style provided the loose, responsive beat needed to allow Hendrix his exploratory guitar wig outs.

However, on the Afro front Mitch Mitchell was not so blessed, falling back on the time honoured white-boy tradition of the Perm for his tonsorial accoutrement.


By the looks of it, he also rocked a leather top-hat before Slash…



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