North vs South: Round 1


This is the first installment of what i hope will be a weekly thing…

An exploration and investigation into why the south is the way it is, including analysis of the people, places, prices, behaviour, attitudes and general wackness of the lesser half of this fine city…

a few thoughts on this classic south side night out.

well straight up, thats not much of a cypher, even for a 2-man dance-off in the Safeway carpark on Chapel.

ok… so thongs? and glasses at night? Thats just silly preparation, always tailor your footwear to the event.

not sure what they’re saying… but that little Downhill-Skiing maneuver shoe-wearer pulls halfway thru mos def scored high with the judges.

i say this with all due respect to the tech fans out there, the shuffle just passed me by…

but in a carpark?

(there’s lots to cover, so suggestions, links, shit home videos… hit me up.)


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