AUS vs USA: Boganacity


It’s uncanny! Its like they’re the same people..

NOTR Pop-Quiz:

Which of these 4 broads had a threesome with sarah michelle geller and ryan phillipe as her step brother one time? (hint: it wasn’t one of the poodles…)

That’s a fresh throwback perm on the blond ‘tho, and apparently, boganacity sufferers in the States have crippling neck injuries. 5 minutes in, and i’m out, and i never even watched the Australian version.

The 1 good line:

“I’m dispeptic like Tom Cruise” …and a rapper should have said it.

New York Post described it as the                                                              “worst idea for an import from the land Down Under since Vegemite”…

To watching this… NOTR says NO.

As an additional touch, i just figured out how to make polls…

for those feeling lost since Australia isn’t even on this map…

it’s somewhere around here                            >>>—————–>


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