Who’s coming to the show with me?


Kanye West

Glow in the Dark tour Mr West! Mr West!

“Yes that’s right lovers of rap, hip-hop, pop, rock, hell just music in general, valedictorian Mr Kanye West returns to Australia to share the good life!

Arguably the most important creative force in hip-hop music today, Kanye is in a class of his own. Building the future of hip-hop as he digs back in time with his unique ear for samples, connecting the past with the present in a brand new way. Enrolling for world domination in 2004 – no matter where you lived, if you owned a radio, a TV, a computer or were simply taking a walk to the canteen, Kanye West broke into your music consciousness with his first album, The College Dropout.

Class mate to Kanye will be special guest Nas and kicking off the night’s proceedings will be New Zealand’s own hip-hop A-Grade Student, Scribe! Don’t miss the graduation night of 2008.” – Ticketek.com


I’m not sure, i think i’m a lover of rap, hip-hop, pop, rock, hell just music in general… but do i need ‘Yeezy to share his good life with me?

(oh yeah, we embed that shit now)

Overblown extended school metaphors aside… Isn’t it a little bit dated to be reppin’ the College Dropout while touring in ’08?

How many dudes you know… wanna catch Scribe… not many… if any…

Nasty Nas bitches… Chea!!!

Also, fuck the canteen, i hear Jesus Walks no matter where i’m headed.

Eds Note: Check the quote/unquote “review” of the show.


One Response to “Who’s coming to the show with me?”

  1. Ming The Merciless Says:

    Rub one out real quick like..

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