Word to Pippi Långstrump…


“Life is a breeze, we live it for fun… No apologies to anyone…”

I’m not sure if you recall miss Pippi Longstockings, but i always got down with her…

She lives in an antique house called Villa Villekulla by herself at age 12, with her monkey Mr. Nilsson and her horse Alfonso… Her dad, a vagabond sea captain turned cannibal king (gangsta) figured she’d be better off in a pimped out villa than sailing the high seas… fair play.

According to the original Swedish books, she had the strength of ten policeman, and considering she carried her horse around with one hand, i believe it.

Here’s the US title track:


One Response to “Word to Pippi Långstrump…”

  1. Jo Says:

    Hell Yes!

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