That is what we call a bitch slap…


Just an assortment of clips i watched while searching for porn studying:

Firstly, for all my Entourage fans, season 5 is upon us, so if you’ve been sleeping, slap yourself and get a taste of the mighty Ari Gold.

Comedian Zach Galifianakis punches some dude in the nuts at Bonnaroo… high brow stuff.

You know how so many songs have a shitty robotic vocoder effect on them, well, T-Pain is a fiend for that shit… this makes me feel a bit better.

With a V-P candidate as ridiculous as this, you barely need comedians…

Tina Fey from the very funny 30 Rock, goes in hard as Sarah Palin on SNL.

(can you tell the difference?)

Finally, the Mighty Mos Def drops a little knowledge on us all at Karmaloop TV. This is a bit dated, but its a very funny interview, the fkn gilt covered throne Mos is on is hilarious, and wait for the special Oz reference towards the end.





2 Responses to “That is what we call a bitch slap…”

  1. pdilla Says:

    I’d love to see T-Pain’s vocoder go toe to toe with Chris Brown’s vocoder. i put $5 on T-Pain.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    yeah, T-Pain would vocode the shit outta lil Brown

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