The break-up song…


On a completely non hip-hop note (unless you count the Quantum of Solace colabo with Alicia Keys)…

I was drinking Broks and smoking too much last night at the crib when Consolers of the Lonely by the Raconteurs (aka Saboteurs) came on, now admittedly i go in pretty deep on tracks after a lil green (cheers Stedman), but last night stayed with me.

Many Shades of Black

I don’t ever want to break up with a singer-songwriter, let alone a beast like Mr. Jack White. Is it just me or is this whole song written as a response to an ‘unnamed’ lady’s reaction to the break-up?

Consider it: You are going out with one of the greatest guitarist/singers of our generation, you break up, and he responds by writing and performing a song at Glastonbury, that includes the chorus

“everybody sees and everyone agrees that you and i are wrong and its been that way too long”

and just for kicks he drops in a bit of a wig out guitar jam…

Raconteurs – Many Shades of Black

I love Jack White.

( In hindsight, i’m pretty sure Brendon Benson wrote that song, so fair play, he’s a beast too.)


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