Diplo & Boy 8-Bit be illin!


Well I didn’t go to Park Life coz I’m lazy and broke but I managed to catch these dudes at The Prince last night sans purchasing a ticket. (Thanks Mai, a special NOTR gift pack is on its way to you!) The following is a short dot point presentation excessively using the word illin to describe the evening’s events, it goes a lil something like this.

•    Music was illin
•    Crazy laser light show was illin
•    Crew was illin (Mr.L, Lauren, Ming The Merciless, Teags, Mai & yours truly)
•    Free ride to and from the venue was illin
•    Cool ass shades I was wearin were illin
•    South of the river was not illin but Boy 8-Bits silky smooth ginger hair was illin
•    Not having to go to work 2 hours after getting home on Saturday morning was illin (Sorry Lewis)
•    Diplo droppin A Millie By Lil Wayne was illin
•    Post gig breakfast with the crew today was illin

All in all a pretty good night. I’ve lost my voice and I can’t hear shit but given the opportunity I’d do it again fo sho! And to the brolic dude that started beef with Ming you can lick a bulldogs nasty asshole! NOTR Stays winning.


4 Responses to “Diplo & Boy 8-Bit be illin!”

  1. MingTheMerciless Says:

    Patch Dawg – How visually stunna-ing would your post be if you replaced every letter ‘L’ with a letter ‘O’..?

    Also, to all the stripey-polo-popped-collars and f**ken-nonsense-scrawled-all-up-in-your-underarms-pastel-pink Tshirt crew.. Just make sure you never cross that line.. You know the one.

    Coke&Ice is not a good beverage.

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    i hear that.

  3. pdilla Says:


  4. Tubs Waller Says:

    Nice work on the banner dilla and big dub… its nice to be able to see where we are at.

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