Gettin’ up…


Alright Team… hands in… *

Pour out a lil fine Irish, open that link in another window and read on…

Madlib the Beat Konducta: Blow the Horns on Em – feat. Guilty Simpson

Some Jamieson’s infused thoughts:

  • We’re trying to get us a domain name so we can get this thing popping right.
  • Jamiesons is tasty.
  • P-Dilla and i have got some big plans for this spot, so keep the faith.
  • Thanks to Jo @ francesbaker who pointed out that our ‘banner thing’ is wack.
  • Props to the aforementioned on her fresh new style, lookin’ tight (now she just needs some street!)
  • The latest Beat Konducta record is nice: WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip. I’m feeling the variety, there’s hints of all kinds of Madlib goodness, hell, i may just write a whole drop on how damn good it is.
  • I’m excited about this blog game, i spend way too fkn much time reading impassioned, insightful, informative and often hilarious posts written by cats from all over the ‘nets. They set a high standard and it motivates me to get into this thing properly (for examples check anyone on the roll). I refute any of the ‘soapbox’ criticisms, if you don’t like it don’t read it burn me in the comments.

….and break!

* Yeah, all 8 of you (so far) are now part of the team.


One Response to “Gettin’ up…”

  1. Jo Says:

    Cheers for the mention, I have returned the favour.

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