Sports will be pretty rare around these parts… but its a beautiful day and the AFL Grand Final is on…

As per usual, that means some alcohol/fruit beverages… but in honour of the great Aussie game i thought i’d hit you with some highlights reels (apologies for the soundtracks) straight off the ‘tube:

If you consider AFL a highly skilled, graceful and majestic game take the blue pill:

Blue Pill

If you like nationally syndicated machismo and violence on TV, you already know where it is:

Red Pill

I can’t see the Hawks getting up, Geelong is just too formidable, and besides, strictly speaking, Geelong is more North of the River than Hawthorn, and you know we’re elitist like that.

(We at NOTR in no way condone violence, under any steez… unless it’s hilarious…)


2 Responses to “A…F…L…”

  1. Ming The F**king Merciless Says:

    Slapstick comedy is a recognised form of dispute resolution. Check out what The United Nations has to say about it:

    Alternatively check out this rad shiznit!

    Sorry to get all political on your skinny white butts, but we can’t have every ‘post’ on this weak excuse for journalistic commentary being about football and red vs. blue pills..

  2. bigdubbs Says:

    imagine just wandering into the center of that UN table, popping a beer and just kicking back… jamaica would be feeling it…
    is jamaica even in the UN?

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