My Indian Kidd Weighs A Ton


Yeah so I’ve been cold lampin’ on this blog for a while now, mainly due to the fact that I don’t have the internets at my house and also have nothing of any real importance to say (but now one of these has changed!) Thankfully BigDubbs has enough incentive to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard or whatever and bless you suckers with some good ol’ NOTR style blog droppin’.

This drop isn’t about anything in particular its more of a “allow me to introduce myself” kinda thing so don’t expect to be leaving your computer with any kind of enlightening information or whatever maybe peep the drudge report or search something random on wikipedia?

So in the coming months you my lowly reader can come to expect from me your shrewd sage like blogalist words of wisdom on topics ranging from social commentary, politricks, sport, some reviews of some stuff and a bunch of other more shit so stay tuned.

p.s show the comments section some love!


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