A Night at the Movies


yes yes ya’ll…

been pretty hectic the last few weeks…

also, had a bit of a soiree at the crib on the weekend, went well by all accounts, props to those who rocked out with me… and if you didn’t make it… there’s always next year suckers.

good beats, strong (mad fruity) punch and good crew = celebration bitches

i’d post up some snaps, but i was rockin the polaroid camera all night (thanks lady) so in a bitter twist of technology vs cool…ology i’ve now gotta scan my polaroid snaps to put up, anyway, i’ll get onto it asap.

the point of this post was not to reminisce on the weekend, but to word you up on a film i enjoyed while hard at work the other night…

(i originally was put onto it by Dart over at poisonousparagraphs.)

Revolver – the latest Guy Ritchie number, starring Mr. Jason “One Voice for Every Occasion” Statham, and featuring some nice work by Andre 3k and that guy who played Pussy on the Sopranos.*

It’s a bit of a head-fuck, multiple plot twists kinda flick, but unlike Southland Tales for example, it doesn’t run off into bizarre Justin Timberlake singalong dance-routine bullshit, and although its not perfect, it really is pretty entertaining. Ray Liotta spends most of the film clad in his underwear, standing around in a walk-in solarium, the resulting blue-tinged leather-skin look is a fine warning for the dangers of skin cancer…

It’s no Dark Knight, but its likely to become a bit of a cult favourite, check for it.

til next time friends.

*until he got whacked and fed to the fishes… not much since then.


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