Politricks indeed…


So is there anything more entertaining than absorbing the bizarre updates and highlights of the US Presidential Election through the mainstream media?

Fox (Faux) News aside, i don’t even pay much attention and i still get the impression that McCain’s an old ass conservative dude, running with an Alaskan beauty pageant runner-up who claimed to be the mother of her 16 year old daughter’s daughter… yeah that’s right… you couldn’t write that shit.

Anywho, on the flip side, i have to admit its a real treat getting to watch dignified, articulate and intelligent people make speeches that look set to stand with the best political moments in a hot ass minute.

Its easy to let it all pass us by on our happy little island, but i’m crossing the absolute shit out of my fingers.

We’ve done Kevin ’07… its Obama ’08 sonn, all the way.


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