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September 27, 2008

Sports will be pretty rare around these parts… but its a beautiful day and the AFL Grand Final is on…

As per usual, that means some alcohol/fruit beverages… but in honour of the great Aussie game i thought i’d hit you with some highlights reels (apologies for the soundtracks) straight off the ‘tube:

If you consider AFL a highly skilled, graceful and majestic game take the blue pill:

Blue Pill

If you like nationally syndicated machismo and violence on TV, you already know where it is:

Red Pill

I can’t see the Hawks getting up, Geelong is just too formidable, and besides, strictly speaking, Geelong is more North of the River than Hawthorn, and you know we’re elitist like that.

(We at NOTR in no way condone violence, under any steez… unless it’s hilarious…)


Earphone fodder…

September 25, 2008

The man Trav at Wake Your Daughter Up threw this link up a while ago, and i’ve been too busy to unpack it and give it a spin… till now.

Its a project by Batsauce from the Smile Rays, a crew that have seen plenty of love on the blogosphere.

It’s called Gypsy Diaries, and its 3 short selections of instrumental beats using sounds from Africa, Asia and South America respectively… and it’s f-f-f-fresh.

Batsauce (Gypsy Diaries) – Negotiations

Check the spot, and just follow the prompts, i like the layout, its original and thats all good.

Oz Revisted

September 25, 2008
“Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again…”

Think you know the film? Lets look again…

Scarecrow = Clearly just double dropped two of those wild red Mitsubishi’s from like 2004.

Lion = Word… he only enjoys the finest of chronic/hash/those cookies we baked in august.

Dorothy = All American country girl, pigtails, stockings, fly shoes, Pornstar.

Tinman = Dude’s so hardbody he carries a fkn axe… and he’s lookin a little suspect at Dorothy…

Don’t ask me why i found it, but all of a sudden i want to get high and watch porn the Wizard of Oz.

(thanks Rick Polito)

My Indian Kidd Weighs A Ton

September 24, 2008

Yeah so I’ve been cold lampin’ on this blog for a while now, mainly due to the fact that I don’t have the internets at my house and also have nothing of any real importance to say (but now one of these has changed!) Thankfully BigDubbs has enough incentive to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard or whatever and bless you suckers with some good ol’ NOTR style blog droppin’.

This drop isn’t about anything in particular its more of a “allow me to introduce myself” kinda thing so don’t expect to be leaving your computer with any kind of enlightening information or whatever maybe peep the drudge report or search something random on wikipedia?

So in the coming months you my lowly reader can come to expect from me your shrewd sage like blogalist words of wisdom on topics ranging from social commentary, politricks, sport, some reviews of some stuff and a bunch of other more shit so stay tuned.

p.s show the comments section some love!

where oh where has my co-blogger gone?

September 23, 2008

if anyone sees patricia in the streets or on the nets… slap him.

he owes me like 5 posts minimum.

(and if you’re reading this now pat… slap your damn self.)

(alternatively… sling his ass over your shoulder and carry him like he’s a holy, g-string wearing, 50kg Indian kid)

Don’t Ban the Can…

September 17, 2008

Get down to this…

Dope Tunes… Magic… Graff Jam… Sunshine…

shit’s gonna be f-f-f-fresh.

and fk the government for their bullshit attitudes and medieval legislation…

questions for the day…

September 16, 2008


how much of a science or art is there to making a mixtape?

is the history and cultural interest sufficiently deep enough to support a research project?

is it possible to work making a mixtape into an associated creative project?

go internets… go forth and educate me…

12 years on, 3 days late (just for you pat)….

September 16, 2008

Its a few days late, largely coz i just never really got into Tupac when he was puttin’ out original material…

mind you, i’m down with the Digital Underground…

i’m not 100% sure but it seems like dude put out more albums posthumously than he ever managed with Suge’s help… but damn son, i’m feeling that leather vest.

All jokes aside, he was a giant, R.I.P Tupac Amaru Shakur.

Somethings a little bit fruity…

September 16, 2008

man i love sunshine, i get solar energy like some prehistoric sail having dinosaur…

so the nicest day we’ve seen in melbs for months was more than enough reason to break out the home-cooked kebabs (beetroot tzatziki = GOAT dip), and buy a watermelon…

the combinations are endless with fruit based alcoholic beverages, but damn if the simplest aren’t the best. and when it comes to fruit and booze, watermelon just stays winning… shit is tasty as hell, its juicy and pulpy too… plus, and there can be no underplaying this fact… watermelon helmets are the business.

this summer fruit will be in full effect, fuck a slab, i’m rolling with punch in the sun.

A Night at the Movies

September 10, 2008

yes yes ya’ll…

been pretty hectic the last few weeks…

also, had a bit of a soiree at the crib on the weekend, went well by all accounts, props to those who rocked out with me… and if you didn’t make it… there’s always next year suckers.

good beats, strong (mad fruity) punch and good crew = celebration bitches

i’d post up some snaps, but i was rockin the polaroid camera all night (thanks lady) so in a bitter twist of technology vs cool…ology i’ve now gotta scan my polaroid snaps to put up, anyway, i’ll get onto it asap.

the point of this post was not to reminisce on the weekend, but to word you up on a film i enjoyed while hard at work the other night…

(i originally was put onto it by Dart over at poisonousparagraphs.)

Revolver – the latest Guy Ritchie number, starring Mr. Jason “One Voice for Every Occasion” Statham, and featuring some nice work by Andre 3k and that guy who played Pussy on the Sopranos.*

It’s a bit of a head-fuck, multiple plot twists kinda flick, but unlike Southland Tales for example, it doesn’t run off into bizarre Justin Timberlake singalong dance-routine bullshit, and although its not perfect, it really is pretty entertaining. Ray Liotta spends most of the film clad in his underwear, standing around in a walk-in solarium, the resulting blue-tinged leather-skin look is a fine warning for the dangers of skin cancer…

It’s no Dark Knight, but its likely to become a bit of a cult favourite, check for it.

til next time friends.

*until he got whacked and fed to the fishes… not much since then.