Superbad + Olympic Gold = Goodness


Just watched ‘Superbad’, yeah, that shits’ funnier the 2nd time round. Mad quotables, at least, if you frequently talk about making ‘dressing’ for a ‘pube salad’. Seth Rogen stays winning, makes me excited for ‘Pineapple Express’. Apparently McLovin has his own feature coming soon too, keep an eye out.

Then, wouldn’t ya know, in the most natural segue, flicked to the 10m Mens Diving, and yep, our boy gets up. Matty Mitcham gets our first men’s diving Gold since like the 1800’s. word.

Oh yeah, and go Opals, as if Teresa Edwards hasn’t got enough bling already.


One Response to “Superbad + Olympic Gold = Goodness”

  1. Ming The Merciless Says:

    That Homie in the photo is clearly P.Dillaz great great grand-daddy-o

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