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Greatest on the planet…

August 29, 2008

Its true, i really go in hard with mario kart, nintendo’s cherished cart racing game…

i loved it then

i love it still

and, if i do say so myself, i’m a beast…

At least i thought so, until i played online tonight for the first time, it was hard fought, nail biting stuff, and i got owned initially by some chump from the UK then later by some other chump from the US, it was only after an hour, and lighting up an L, that i became that chump to a bunch of suckers…

Greatest… Mario Kart Racer… Ever.

yeah bitches.


respect the hussle…

August 28, 2008

Still trying to work this wordpress caper out, we’ll get that blogrizzoll up soon enough, meantime tho…

I’ve been peeping these cats’ game for a while now, in fact, safe to say that these and a few others are the reason i even thought to jump in with a word or two.

respect their hussle.

Homework makes my brain hurt…

August 26, 2008

Essays… fk em.

Analysing producers’ major works to identify their impact on the industry.

Sounds pretty interesting… then you have to write it… and research it… and submit it…

ah well theres worse things that could happen kids, back to the grind.

For the record, if anyone can think of a clever link between Sam Phillips and Teo Macero that’d be handy.

and yeah Macero stays winning, Bitches Brew is a dope record, doper than any of Elvis’s catalogue, but you can’t hate on Phillips for that all the time, he made some other sweet records where white dudes sang songs originally written and performed by southern black performers…

Festival Shows < Real Shows

August 24, 2008

It seems like every year the pre-new-years-new-years-organisation-freak-out gets longer and starts sooner. I wish it weren’t so. Add to that the fact that festivals just don’t seem to cut it for me like they used to, and it equals a big fat question mark (no ?uestlove).

I break down most (2-3 day) festival line-ups as follows:

5% = i don’t know

25% = i know, but want to avoid

10% = have a few cool songs but their target crowds shit me

20% = i really like but will ultimately miss parts of due to shitty scheduling

20% = will kill it and i’ll swear i’ve changed my mind about festivals

10% = i’ll be enjoying various substances (non-illicit of course) and hence will lose another 10%

Now i know people hold these events dear to their hearts and i respect that, i  just prefer to spend my hard earned cheese on actual gigs, where an act gets to play a show, not a 30-45 min ‘taster’, and where my money buys me strong tasty drinks, not coupons for lukewarm cans of mid-strength beer or bourbon (shit, these days i can’t afford pre-mixed drinks anywho).

So as much as i’d love to see Black Keys ring in the ’09 or Platinum Pied Pipers crank out Shotgun (Dilla Edit), i’m gonna wait, hold my cash, and check for side shows. Sorry Pyramid Rock.

In the mean time, if anyone has plans for a mighty NY’s bash on the north side, let me know.

It’s a hard knock life…

August 24, 2008

In the spirit of the Olympics, lets not dwell on this too much.

Suffice it to say, this dude probly won’t be coming back to a Taekwondo competition near you.

(for those unfamiliar with the rules, you DON’T get extra points for K.O’ing the ref…)

Superbad + Olympic Gold = Goodness

August 24, 2008

Just watched ‘Superbad’, yeah, that shits’ funnier the 2nd time round. Mad quotables, at least, if you frequently talk about making ‘dressing’ for a ‘pube salad’. Seth Rogen stays winning, makes me excited for ‘Pineapple Express’. Apparently McLovin has his own feature coming soon too, keep an eye out.

Then, wouldn’t ya know, in the most natural segue, flicked to the 10m Mens Diving, and yep, our boy gets up. Matty Mitcham gets our first men’s diving Gold since like the 1800’s. word.

Oh yeah, and go Opals, as if Teresa Edwards hasn’t got enough bling already.

‘Coz thats just how we do…

August 23, 2008

In thinking about gettin’ this blog up and running we struggled with how to distinguish it from the many excellent spots we already check regularly.

We get our reviews/comments/laughs/insights/music hookups from crew all over these internets, and while we hope to bring a ‘lil bit of everything, until we get our game sorted its gonna be a fairly random affair, so come with us now on a journey thru space and time (no Mighty Boosh).